We Have Opened a Dialogue About Sex-Work

Within the program of the Zagreb Pride Week, Zagreb Pride and Trans Aid Croatia organized an ‘Open Dialogue About Sex-work’ with the aim of broadening the discussion about this topic that was started with the round table ‘Models of regulation of prostitution and practices’

Talking about it in the LGBT community

We decided to promote a public talk concerning the themes of “Bleeding Love” in Lisbon, within the monthly programme of our LGBT community center.  Some people showed up, and we tried to discover what they had to say about the subject of


Domestic violence occurs in the gay and lesbian community with the same or even greater frequency than in heterosexual couples (Balsam, 2001; Seelau et al., 2003). Despite this, few empirical studies have focused on the phenomenon of same-sex partner abuse (Brown, 2008).

Sexual violence against trans women

(Háttér, Hungary) We launched two questionnaires online to see a wider range of responses about partnership abuse in lesbian and trans women’s relationships. One of the anonymous respondents mentioned two trans-specific forms of violence: obstruction of transition and irrespect for certain body parts. “He

Sex Workers’ International Day

(Háttér, Hungary) Sex workers protesting for equal opportunity in Budapest. “On the 2nd of June we celebrate the Sex Workers International Day. In 1975, the same day, nearly 100 sex workers and their supporters occupied the St. Nizier Church in Lyon, France

The Truths and the Lies About Same-Sex Relationships

In our first article, we have reported about the representation of the subject of violence among same-sex partners identified as women in research studies. As we have learned, there were no studies specifically about our subject of interest. However, domestic violence was


Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors in the context of an intimate relationship. These behaviors include forms of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Physical violence consists of acts such as hitting, kicking, grabbing, assaulting the partner with a

The memory of Gisberta

In 2006, Gisberta Sales Junior, a Brazilian trans woman and a sex worker living in Porto was brutally murdered by a group of youngsters living in a youth shelter. The case has raised public awareness on the subject of social transphobia and

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