“Invisible in love, invisible in hate”

After a first open talk initiative in our LGBT Community Center in Lisbon last June, we decided to ask our lesbian themed reading community in Porto if they were willing to discuss the subject of same sex domestic violence with us. The

Training on same sex domestic violence

This week we participated in the last of four courses dedicated to domestic violence in same sex couples, an initiative of CIG – Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género, portuguese public organism for equality, in a partnership with ISCTE – Instituto

Talking about it in the LGBT community

We decided to promote a public talk concerning the themes of “Bleeding Love” in Lisbon, within the monthly programme of our LGBT community center.  Some people showed up, and we tried to discover what they had to say about the subject of

The memory of Gisberta

In 2006, Gisberta Sales Junior, a Brazilian trans woman and a sex worker living in Porto was brutally murdered by a group of youngsters living in a youth shelter. The case has raised public awareness on the subject of social transphobia and

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