The Truths and the Lies About Same-Sex Relationships

In our first article, we have reported about the representation of the subject of violence among same-sex partners identified as women in research studies. As we have learned, there were no studies specifically about our subject of interest. However, domestic violence was

Our first interview

(Hatter Society, Hungary.) Our first interview with a victim! Both of us, the interviewee and the interviewer, who met for the first time, are a bit nervous. Although I have made several interviews before, I have never interviewed a person about the

A first time focus

(Hatter Society, Hungary.) I remember reading about a debate last year: an acquaintant was complaining that when a lesbian group had the chance to speak up at a forum about violence against women, its representatives chose not to talk about domestic violence

YouTube: LGBT Domestic Abuse and Violence

On defying her controlling and manipulative partner by staying over and not returning from her company’s Christmas part, Lauren, a beautiful thirty year old woman, returns home the following morning to be met by her very anxious lover. Lauren then recalls the

Rugby team strips off to fight LGBT domestic violence

Kings College London Rugby players and the student newspaper Roar News have teamed up on a calendar to raise awareness on LGBT domestic violence and support Broken Rainbow UK helpline service. Jim Buzinski,, Mar 11, 2015: “The calendar sees the Men’s

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