Explaining the types of violence in lesbian relationships

Lepa Mlađenović is a feminist, lesbian and anti-war activist from Belgrade, co-founder of the lesbian organisation Labris and new group counselling for lesbians. She recently held a seminar together with Giovanna Camertoni on the topic of control and violence in lesbian relationships

“Invisible in love, invisible in hate”

After a first open talk initiative in our LGBT Community Center in Lisbon last June, we decided to ask our lesbian themed reading community in Porto if they were willing to discuss the subject of same sex domestic violence with us. The

The Truths and the Lies About Same-Sex Relationships

In our first article, we have reported about the representation of the subject of violence among same-sex partners identified as women in research studies. As we have learned, there were no studies specifically about our subject of interest. However, domestic violence was

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