As a bisexual woman, I don’t exist in the Croatian law

Some studies suggest that the position of bisexual women as a group that experiences the highest prevalence of intimate partner violence when compared to lesbian and heterosexual counterparts has not been stressed enough despite the fact that if it can be argued

Barbara’s Story

At birth Barbara was identified as male. She struggled with gender dysphoria since childhood and very early on knew she needed to transition. Her Orthodox Jewish upbringing would not allow this. She eventually entered into an arranged marriage, where after disclosing her

Abusive internalized homo(and bi)phobia

(Háttér, Hungary) Beyond the numerous similarities between same-sex and opposite-sex abusive relationships, there are some specificities connected to the social attitudes towards homo- and bisexuality. Lizi (23) was 16 when entering her first, lesbian and abusive relationship. “She had been telling me

LGBT Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP) in London, UK

Q& A Session with Peter Kelley, coordinator Peter Kelley is a service manager and a coordinator of DAP at London’s LGBT anti-violence and abuse charity GALOP. DAP is a pan-London partnership formed of five LGBT organisations directly or indirectly working with victims

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