“Map of violence” against sex workers

(Háttér, Hungary) SZEXE, the Hungarian NGO for sex workers’ rights, issued a new project to facilitate reporting abuse and discrimination against sex workers. Reporting easily can be done anonymously through the NGO’s contacts, as well as through an online form which collects

A Discussion on Mutual Battering in Lesbian Relationships

Unlike the theories about male-female violence, understanding violence in lesbian relationships had often ignored external structural causes of violence and put more emphasis on internal imbalances of power between the partners. One of the often discussed subject is the problem of mutual

The Week of Equality

On the occasion of the upcoming International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (the 25th of November), the organisation b.a.b.e. (Be active, be emancipated) opened the Week of Equality – a series of lectures, workshops and discussions that will involve

TDOR in Budapest

(Háttér, Hungary) Last Friday, on the 20th November the Transgender Day of Remembrance was held worldwide. Organized by a Hungarian transgender group, Transzpont, we commemorated this year’s victims of fatal transphobic violence by lighting candles and posting the names on the wall.

Lesbian Identities Festival in Budapest

(Háttér, Hungary) LIFT, the annual Lesbian Identities Festival takes place in Budapest every autumn since 2006. This year from 7th to 9th November, on the 10th anniversary, Bleeding Love dissemination material (awareness-raising flyers with content based on the research) were also distributed.

Towards a Support System for Victims of Sexual Violence

Within the program of the ninth Vox Feminae festival (http://www.voxfeminae.net/2015/cet-5-11/item/8764-15-00h-panel-prema-sustavu-podrske-zrtvama-seksualnog-nasilja-booksa), on the 5th of November a panel discussion was held as a follow-up of the International Conference on Sexual Violence held in October in the Croatian Parliament. The participants of the discussion

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